About MK Lighter Company

MK Lighter is an internationally recognized Global Product Provider. With over 4,500 employees worldwide and over 2.5 million square feet of manufacturing facilities, we produce over 700 million lighters per year.

MK Lighter is a California based company that develops modern and reliable lighters for the Modern Kind. Our signature MK Lighter brand along with our Neon and Butane divisions are the highest standard products to support every retail flame need. Our design creativity along with our ongoing technology-based innovation makes MK Lighter the choice for wind proof and standard flame lighters.

The MK Lighter mission has always been to design and curate a lighter portfolio that provides safety, quality and innovative, inspired creations for the masses.

MK Environmental effort

  • No waste production (Cast off Plastics are reground and reused)
  • Refillable Lighter designs
  • Post consumer/recycled plastics (where quality is not effected)
  • Refined Gas for a pure burn
  • Packaging designed to reduce waste and be recycled
  • Electronic ignition eliminating the need for the wheel and flint